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MS Teams Direct Routing - Migration Automated Steps

Direct Routing Migration - Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be downtime?
    There is no expected downtime during the migration, the Legacy Direct Routing trunk continues to function throughout the migration for Inbound and Outbound calling until the numbers are re-routed over the new Direct Routing Trunks.

Will my users notice anything different?
    No, the migration will be seemless for your users and they will not notice any changes to the service.

What do we get out of upgrading?
    One Click Failover, Manage fowarding through Commportal or CallTower Connect.
    Geo-Redunant Direct Network Connectivity to Microsoft
    Same Backend Platform as Operator Connect
    Steamlined Voice Path
    Dynamic E911

Is there any additional cost associated with the upgrade?
No, there is no additional cost, and your monthly bill will remain the same.

How do I configure Dynamic E911?
    MS Teams Dynamic e911 Dialing - Operator Connect and Direct Routing

How do I configure One Click Failover?
    MS Teams - One Click Failover

How much time is required for the upgrade?
    We schedule an hour for the actual migration, Typically the autmated migration takes anywhere from 25 mins to 45 mins, and we allow for plenty of time to validate.

Why do you need Domain Name Administrator and User Administrator?
    See the Below Secition "Direct Routing - Automated Migration Steps", The steps which requre elevated roles are highlighed with either "Domain Name Administrator" or "User Administator"

Direct Routing - Migration Automated Steps

The following steps are performed by CallTower in order to migrate Direct Routing to CallTower’s new platform. 

After the customer configures a "Service Account" with "Domain Name Administator" and "User Administrator" roles, the following will take place:

1. CallTower validates available licenses for activation users

2. CallTower starts an automated migration process in CallTower Connect

  • Automation adds two custom domain names for SBC gateways - Domain Name Administrator
    • {customer domain}
    • {customer domain}
  • Automation creates two activation users one on each SBC domain - User Administrator
  • Automation applies a license to each activation user - User Administrator
  • Automation creates Voice Routes using new SBC Gateway Domains (*Teams Admin)
  • Automation Removes Activation users - User Administrator
  • Automation starts re-routing of inbound numbers to use the new SBC Gateway Trunks

3. CallTower/Customer validates inbound numbers are completed

4. CallTower manually removes Audio Codes PSTN Gateways (*Teams Admin)

5. CallTower manually removes legacy custom domain -  Domain Name Administrator

6. The customer validates outbound calls are completed

7. The customer removes Domain Name Administrator and User Adminstrator Roles from Service Account

9. Completed




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