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MS Teams Connect Admin Portal - One Click Failover


  • The goal is to easily forward all phone numbers to any number you need in case Teams goes down. This allows you to still receive inbound calls. 

Please note: selecting another Teams number is not advised.

Forward All numbers vs Enable individual DID forwards

  • Select Menu - Administration - Corporate Administration - Settings - Select either Operator Connect Trunk Settings or Direct Routing Teams Settings, then go to the Forwarding tab


  • Forward all numbers - When this option is selected and the value is inserted to the right all of your Teams numbers will forward to the number that you have specified.
  • Enable Individual DID Forwards - When this option is selected and the work below is done any number that has a forwarding option set will be forwarded. 
  • Why Both? - The reason for the 2 options is if you would like a bulk of your numbers to go to one destination, but say your users to go to their cell phones.
  • Remove forwarding - Just un check the boxes and press save  and all forwarding will be removed. 

Enable individual DID forwards

  • Select Menu - Locations
  • Select the appropriate location, then make sure you are at the DID section
  • Here you'll see all the numbers for that specific location and the users assigned to the numbers.
  • Under the number you'll see "Forward to number" and there is where you will enter the number.
    • clipboard_e3c3070cc2d992d482ad309dc5775af8d.png
  • Once that number is in place press the save button on the bottom right.
  • Continue to set this up for any number that you would like.