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Cisco-89XX: Transferring Calls


To be able to transfer calls using your 89XX series phone.


If you need to transfer a caller, follow the steps below. (Transfer button > Dial > Transfer button.)

Transfer Call Steps:

1. Press the Transfer button to initiate the call transfer (which places the caller on hold).


2. Dial the number of the person to whom you want to transfer the call. (For a coworker you may either dial 0 and speak their name when prompted or dial their 4-digit extension. For someone outside of the organization, you would dial 8+1+[10 digit external number].)

3. Silent options:

a. Do you want to announce the caller (to the person you are transferring the call to) before releasing the call?

i. If No, proceed to step 4.

ii. If Yes, wait for the person you dialed to answer and then announce the caller before proceeding to step 4.

b. If you need to cancel the transfer and resume speaking with the caller, press the Cancel soft key to end/cancel the transfer (instead of proceeding to step 4). Then press the Resume soft key to take the caller off hold and continue speaking with them.

4. Press the Transfer button again (alternatively, the transfer soft key can be used) to release the call. (Note the Cancel soft key as mentioned in 3b.)

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