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Cisco Connect Admin - Call Delivery Plus

This article will walk users through the process of setting up the "Call Delivery +" option on their Cisco phones in the Admin Portal.  This option will determine how  inbound calls will be routed in the event the phone becomes unregistered.

Call Delivery Plus / Forward Not Registered


1. Log into the Admin Portal, navigate to the "Phones" tab and select the intended phone. 

2. Once selected go to Line Properties and select the Line you want to manage such as Line 1.

3. Scroll down to option 2 Line Forwarding
4. Go to Forward Not Registered and type in the phone number you want it to go to. 


815551234567 or just an extension such as 2000
NOTE: This is set to go to voicemail by default so you must un check that box if you wish it to go somewhere else.


*In this example we used an 8 dial out, if your dial out is 9 then make sure you use it.