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Cisco Connect Admin - Call Forking

Call Forking allows a user to have a second designated phone such as a cell phone simultaneously ring when their office telephone number is called.  If the user has an Internet Protocol (IP) phone both their cell phone and their IP phone will ring until one is picked up.  If neither is answered then a voicemail will be left on the device with the shortest no answer ring duration.  A ring schedule can be set up so that a user can determine when the calls are forked to their cell phone (ie. only during business hours).   If the user picks up the call on their cellphone and wish to resume the call on their IP phone, all they will need to do is hang up the call on their cellphone and then hit the Resume soft key on their IP phone within 10 seconds.

How to provision Call Forking:

  1. Highlight the user that is to have their Call Forking service enabled
  2. Click on the down arrow on Directory Services and select Manage Services
  3. The Manage Resources screen will be presented on the right side of the screen with the list of users on the left.
  4. Click on the Plan service entitled “Mobility Integration”. This will display the features of “Mobile Integration” in the middle column (see “Call Forking”

a. Green represents the current user’s enabled services.

b. Red represents the services you can enable for the current User.

5. To enable the Call Forking service

a. Drag and drop the “Call Forking” feature from the middle column to the Enable/Disable column on the right.

b. A popup box will then display asking you to Add Cell Number. At this point you can add a cell number or any other number you wish the system to simultaneously ring.

6. Click Submit to save the changes.

7. To remove a service

a. Click on the Service to be removed in the left column.

b. Drag and drop the features from the middle column to the Enable/Disable column on the right.

c. Click Submit to save the changes.

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