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Skype for Business: Hunt Group DID and Name Information

All Troubleshooting steps / How To: 

o    Notes: Follow these steps when trying to find the phone number associated with a Hunt Group, as well
as the Hunt Group name.

o    When locating a client hunt group go to: Connect > Customer Name > Pilot Numbers.
This will list the numbers of their Hunt Groups referred to as Lync Response Groups.


o    The second part would be how to take the Lync/Skype response group number and find out the corresponding Hunt Group Name that it is associated with. ***A Tier2 with access would need to do this due to permissions, if this isn't noted in SHN. 

o    Tier2 would need to log onto the Lync/Skype back end server and look at the client response groups, the names and numbers will be listed.