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Manage Conference Calls - CX3000 Series

You can add multiple participants to an active call to initiate a conference call.

To initiate a conference call:

1. During an active call, select Menu > Add Others, as shown next. The active call is placed on hold.

2. Enter a phone number or select a contact and select Add.

During a conference call, you can mute your audio or mute the audio from the call participants, or audience.

To mute your audio during a call:

  • Press . Your audio is muted and the call participants cannot hear you.

To mute the audience during a conference call:

  • Select Menu > Mute Audience, as shown next. You can no longer hear the audio from the other call participants.

You can also remove a participant from a conference call at any time.

To remove a participant from a conference call:

1. Select a participant.

2. Press Menu > Remove, as shown next

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