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Cisco 79XX - 7940 and 7960 Factory Reset Procedure


This article provides step by step instructions to help users to perform a factory reset on the Cisco 7940 and 7960 phone models.


  1. Unplug Ethernet & power cable (if applicable) from the back of the phone. 
    Ethernet & Power Port.jpg
  2. Press and hold the # (Pound/Hashtag) key and plug the Ethernet & power cable back in.
    *****Note: Once the Headset, Mute & Speaker buttons flash in sequence it is safe to release the # (Pound/Hashtag) key and promptly enter the reset key sequence​​​​
  3. Press in order 123456789*0# to begin the reset sequence. If entered correctly, it will ask if you would like to save the network config which you will select No (option 2) and it will then continue with the reset accordingly. 

Additional Information

Remember to not perform this factory reset procedure on any phone that is not plugged in behind a CallTower ASA or CallTower managed circuit.
UPDATE 2022 by Frank Rusignuolo: The reason you do not want to do this is because the phone will lose configurations and you will have to have the customer work with you to manually enter the correct configurations. The ASA and Circuit hand the configurations to the phone, and thus, no need to worry. If the phone is plugged into an ASA or Circuit after factory reset, and it still isn't registering, it is time to look into the issue further.

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