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Cisco 79XX - 7921 Factory Reset Procedure


This article goes over how to do a factory reset on the Cisco 7921 wireless IP phone. Make sure that the phone is behind a CallTower ASA or a CallTower managed circuit before performing a factory reset as doing so can cause additional issues.


Step 1  Choose SETTINGS > Phone Settings.

Step 2  Press **2 on the keypad.

The phone briefly displays the "Start factory reset now?"

Step 3  Perform one of the following actions:

Press Yes to delete all settings. The phone cycles through normal startup procedures.

  • Press No to cancel the reset.

Step 4  Press SETTINGS > Network Profiles to reconfigure the network settings for your WLAN.


Erasing the local configuration removes network profiles that are set up for the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone to access the WLAN. You must reconfigure the network settings after performing the reset to enable the phone to access the WLAN.

Additional Information

Remember to not perform this factory reset procedure on any phone that is not plugged in behind a CallTower ASA or CallTower managed circuit.