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Cisco Function Settings - 79XX Series

The Settings button allows you to customize your screen, ring tone, and volume settings. It also provides model information about your phone. There are also some advanced and/or technical settings listed for your phone that clients should not modify without the direction of authorized support personnel.

User Preference Steps:

The User Preferences option can be used to update the following:

  • Screen contrast
  • Ring tone
  • Ring volume
  • Call volume on a per call basis
  • Call volume for all calls
  • Muting a call

Rings: Allows you to change your default ringtone or the ringtone on a per line basis. From the Rings menu, select default or a configured line on your phone. Select the option by either highlighting it and pressing the Select soft key, or press the corresponding number on the keypad.

You will be provided with a list of different ring options. Highlight a ringer with the up or down arrows on the scroll button, or you can press the corresponding number on the keypad. Press the Play soft key to listen to the ringer. When you’ve decided on a ringer, press the Select soft key.

Device Configuration Steps:

Select the Device Configuration menu option to update the following:

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