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Receiving Calls - 79XX Series

When you receive an incoming call the phone will ring, the Message Waiting Indicator will blink red, and the LCD screen will show the incoming number as long as the caller is not calling from a number for which caller id is blocked. The CallTower IP phones allow users to answer received calls in multiple ways:

  • You may pick up the handset.
  • To use the speaker function, you may either press the Speaker button or the Answer soft key.
  • To use a headset, you may press the Headset button; however, some headsets may be configured using the handset port on the back of the phone, in which case the headset button will not be used.

Caller ID:

  • Outside calls - Caller ID is available if the caller does not have their number blocked.
  • Internal calls – LCD screen will display first name and last initial of caller with their extension.

Incoming Call Indicator:

  • Phone will ring
  • Message Waiting Indicator will blink red
  • LCD screen shows incoming number
  • LCD screen indicates which extension the call is coming in from
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