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Connect Admin - MFA FAQs

What is MFA?

  • MFA or also known as Multi-factor Authentication is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to successfully login.


Why is this being enabled?

  • There are a number of security concerns and a number of our customers have requested this feature. With all the power that an MPOC has and what they can do inside of Connect we feel MFA is neccessary. 


What does this effect?

  • MFA is only being turned on for Calltower Connect. No other services are being effected. 
  • Every customer will be enabled on December 17th if they weren't enabled before then. At this time when you login to Calltower Connect you will be asked to choose an authentication method (email or application) and then once setup be able to login.
  • When it's enabled it is enabled for every user, no exception.
  • If a user has never logged into Calltower Connect and doesn't plan on logging in anytime soon there are no changes for this user.


How often do I need to do MFA?

  • When you login you won't have to use MFA for 14 days. 
  • If you logout of Connect you will have to use MFA again when you log back in. *clicking your name in the top right and then going to logout
  • Closing the browser or rebooting your computer is not the same as logging out. 
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