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Connect Admin - Create Admin User


Allow an MPOC access to make changes in CallTower Connect

Add an MPOC/Admin in Connect:

Step 1: Sign into connect and browse to the appropriate customer account. 

Step 2: Select the "Users" section from the menu.

Step 3: If this is an existing user that needs to be enabled as an MPOC then select the desired user. If a new user needs to be created then add a new user and during the creation change the user "Role" to MPOC. If the role wasn't changed during the creation then continue to follow the steps. 

Articles for adding users:
CT Cloud/Cisco: Article here 
Microsoft: Article here

Step 4: Select "User Settings" and then select "Roles and Types" from the drop-down. 


Step 5: Change the user role from "User" to "MPOC"

Step 6: Save

The MPOC is now enabled. Connect will sync with Salesforce to build the contact under the customer account there.