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CT Cloud Voice: Accession - Connectivity Issues


To help assist CallTower Technicians and our customer troubleshoot potential Accession connectivity issues.



Connectivity issues would more so be sign in issues with Accession

This could be network I.E something is blocking the call via a firewall or router which prevents calls from being routed this could also be a carrier issue You can look the call up in SAS to rule out carrier being an issue.

If you are not able to see the call the issue is the call isn’t leaving the network. Have customer check the following settings on their firewall


SIP Protocol for Desktop phone: UDP

SIP PORT for desktop phone: 15060


Ports for RTP (audio): UDP 16384 thru 65535


SIP Protocol for Accession desktop: UDP

SIP PORT for Accession desktop: 5100


Ports for RTP (audio): UDP 16384 thru 65535


SIP Protocol for Accession mobile: TCP

SIP PORT for Accession mobile: 443


Ports for RTP (audio): TCP 16384 thru 65535


FIREWALL ADJUSTMENTS FOR ALLOWED IP ADDRESSES (if necessary for your infrastructure): (phone traffic) (phone traffic) (IM/SMS if using chat or SMS via Accession) (IM/SMS if using chat or SMS via Accession)


Again these issues will have to be checked in SAS and be treated like a normal call to determine the issue.



For Sign in issues,


Most cases these result into credentials being entered in wrong however if the customer is logging in using WiFi and isn’t logging them in; then have them log out and try again using their carrier data if they are using mobile. Desktop its more likely to be credentials being wrong however this falls under basic troubleshooting


  1. Restart Accession in some cases you will need to uninstall and reinstall Accession
  2. Verify Credentials and Reset password


The cause of Accession Connectivity issues can be Network issues, Data, bandwidth, PC issues, password issues, etc.


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