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CT Cloud Voice User - Sign Into Desktop Communicator


Provide instruction on how to sign into CT Cloud Communicator.



Computer Application

  1. Open the CT Cloud Communicator app on your computer
  2. Select the "Log In Manually" option 
  3. Select CallTower from the provider list
  4. Enter your Phone/Email and enter your Password
  5. Select the clipboard_ecae0a5163fe18bfb1ca9898a90eea67e.png button



Check out this Video

Check out this video:


Mobile Application

  1. Open CT Cloud Communicator on your mobile device
  2. Select the "Log In Manually" option unless you have been sent an email with a QR code. If so, scan it now. 
  3.  You will now need to choose "CallTower" from the provider list
  4. Accept the Terms of service
  5. Enter your CT Cloud Communicator phone number and password. 
  6. Select "Log In"
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