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Zoom Calling Yealink - T46U Call Forwarding and Call Conference

Call Forward

To enable call forward

1. Press the Menu soft key when the phone is idle, and selectFeatures->Call Forward.

2. Select the desired forward type:

  • Always Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded unconditionally.
  • Busy Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded when the phone is busy.
  • No Answer Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded if not answered after a period of time.

3. Enter the number you want to forward to. For No Answer Forward,press clipboard_e4df89f17f0b41c8818d71b9b44835c52.png to select the desired ring time to wait before forwarding from the After Ring Time field.

4. Press the Save soft key to accept the change.

Call Conference

1. Press the Conference soft key during an active call. The call is placed on hold

.2. Enter the number of the second party, and then press the Send soft key.

3. Press the Conference soft key again when the second party answers. All parties are now joined in the conference.

4. Press the EndCall soft key to disconnect all parties.

Note: You can split the conference call into two individual calls by pressing the Split soft key

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