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How to clear the Windows Credential Manager

Windows has the option to save passwords for programs like Outlook, Skype for Business, VPN software and others. When the password expires or changes, the credential is maintained in the Credential Manager. This can cause issues when attempting to log into the software with saved passwords. To correct issues with saved credentials, the Credential Manager will need to have the no longer valid password removed. 


  1. Open Control Panel. Depending on your version of Windows this may vary
  2. In the Search Control Panel field, type Credential Manager and Select the Credential Manager


  1. Select Windows Credentials


  1. Click the grey arrow pointing down next to the credential to be removed


  1. Click Remove


  1. Repeat these steps for each credential that needs to be removed

Note: When Office 365 or Skype for Business password have been updated, it is necessary to remove all credentials that are tied to Office including OneDrive, OneNote Microsoft Office, Outlook and Office 365 credentials.