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How to clear Skype for Business cache

Skype For Business: How To Clear File Caches

Automated Script:

To use the automated script, you will need to download and extract the file the matches your version of Office. You can find the Office version by selecting File -> Office Account\Account -> About. At the top of the About page following the name should be a number in parenthesis. The first two numbers determines the version.

  1. Close Outlook completely by selecting File -> Exit
  2. Close Skype for Business by changing Status to Exit
  3. Open Task Manager and ensure Lync, Outlook and Skype for Business back ground processes are ended
  4. Download the file that matches your installed version of Office
  5. Extract the file.
  6. Run the Script. Note: There will be no outward indication the script has run. 
  7. Open Skype for Business
  8. Open Outlook. 

Office version 15

Office version 16

Manual Steps:

  1. Close Skype for Business by clicking on the black down arrow next to your status and selecting Exit
  2. Close out of Outlook by selecting File -> Exit or by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Open File Explorer by selecting the  Icon on the task bar
  4. Browse to:%userprofile%\appdata\local\Microsoft\Office in the address bar.
  5. Select the folder that corresponds to your version of Office, either 15.0 or 16.0
  6. Select the Lync Folder
  7. Delete the folder and the Tracing folder.