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Skype for Business for Mac removal instructions

This article covers the process to remove Skype for Business for Mac and remove any vestigial elements.


  1. Log on to your computer by using administrative credentials
  2. Exit Skype For Business on Mac if it’s running
  3. Drag the Skype For Business on Mac application to the Trash
  4. Remove the existing Skype preferences if these hidden files exist. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. In the Finder menu, click Go, and click Go to Folder.
  2. Delete the following files:
  • /Users/<User>/Library/Containers/
  • /Users/<User>/Library/Logs/LwaTracing
  • /Users/<User>/Saved Application State/
  • /Users/<User>/Preferences/
  1. Delete the following file:
  • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/MeetingJoinPlugin.plugin
  1. In the Applications/Utilities folder, open Keychain Access.
  2. In your logon keychains, delete Skype for Business.