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Microsoft - Skype: Call Handling Settings


This document will walk you through the steps to set up call forwarding, simultaneous ring, outgoing call numbers and conditional settings for your phone number in the Skype for Business client.

Note: These options are only available on the Skype for Business Professional client and cannot be accessed using Skype for Business Basic.


  1. At the bottom of the Skype for Business client, click on the icon of the phone with an arrow pointing right and select Call Forwarding Settings


  1. Under Incoming Calls, select what you would like incoming calls to do
  • You can forward calls to your voicemail, a different phone number (such as a mobile phone number) or to your delegates
  • You can have calls simultaneously ring to a different phone number (such as a mobile phone number), your delegates, or your team-call group
  • You can set your delegates or team-call group by clicking on one of the "Edit my..." links at the bottom of the window
  • Do not set calls to forward to or simultaneously ring your Skype for Business number. This will cause a call loop that will negatively affect calls
  • When adding different phone numbers to call forwarding or simultaneous ring, enter the number with the area code and the country code, without any spaces. Once finished select OK to save the settings



3. "Unanswered calls will go to:" will not be available if you forward calls, only if you have calls simultaneously ringing to somewhere else

4. Utilize "These settings will apply:" if you only want calls to route differently during work hours (Work hours are set in Outlook)