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Answer delay when using Skype for Business response groups

This article will detail the expected delay times when answering calls on a Skype for Business hunt group as well as providing potential solutions.

There are several factors that contribute to the audio delay when answering a call from a response group. The size of the response group, network routing and devices used can all impact the answer delay. 

 Below is a table of approximate expected delays for a Skype for Business response group per device. 

Device Class Phone Model Answer delay in seconds
Skype for Business Client Skype for Business with approved USB devices 1-2
IP desk phones qualified for Skype for Business Polycom VVX310; Polycom VVX410; Polycom VVX500; 2-6
IP desk phones optimized for Skype for Business Polycom CX300; Polycom CX600 2-6
  • Using the Skype for Business PC client with an approved headset will minimize the delay in comparison to any physical phone solution.
  • If using the PC client with a headset is not feasible, and depending on the desired functionality of your response group, you may want to consider using a  Team-Call Group. This is a free feature available with Skype for Business that can be set up directly through the Skype for Business PC client.
  • The Skype for Business response group application was designed to fill the gap between the requirements of an enterprise IP-PBX and a contact center. It was not designed to replace a contact center solution – therefore it’s not designed to deliver transfer times to any Skype for Business client below one second transfer time. If neither of the resolutions above suit your needs you may want to contact the support or sales team for additional solutions.