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Response Group Creation and Modification (Skype4B)


Below is the required information when requesting creation or modification to a Hunt Group

When requesting a change be made to an Auto Attendant/AA or a Hunt Group/HG/Response Groups the request should be submitted with enough time to process the request. Typically, a change like this requires an admin level permission and is not available in the Connect Admin Application. Therefore, we request submissions of request allow 24-72 hours to be completed.

Information Required 

To request creation or changes for a Response Group, we ask that you have complete information of the setup or changes that need to be made. Please take note of the following example.

  • Number/Name of the Hunt Group: 555-555-5555
  • All members of the Hunt Group (if requesting changes, please include the current users in the group as well as what needs to be changed):
  • Business Hours (if non-business hours should have different routing):
  • Description of non-business hours routing (if applicable):
  • What should happen to the call if no members are able to answer (i.e. go to voicemail of user xxxx, or go to Auto Attendant at 555-555-5555):

It is crucial to get full information for a request like this as an incomplete request will cost the customer time and may not meet the deadline requested.  Note that this is not an exact template but will be situational as every request will differ a little. Please however take care to gather the base number customers call into to reach the group or system they intend to change and gather any usernames or files that need to be changed. Time/Date are also very critical when making some changes so please take special care to obtain the Time zone, I cannot stress this enough. Time zones are very important when making these changes.