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Office and Skype4B Version Information

How to check Build information on Skype for Business and Office.

This article covers how to find the current version of applications and build information of Office applications.

Sometimes checking Build Version of a software will be required. This can be checked for Office and Skype for Business, and the builds will differ between the types of product. This may even apply if the application came with the Office installation.

Office Build

When checking Office Build numbers, you can check any office application except Skype for Business. Simply select File>Office Account or Account> About Office. This is also the same place that you can check for new updates. These should be pushed to the application once a month or as they are released.

In some cases, when the installation of Office is an MSI install/License Based, the updates will be acquired from the Windows Updates section of the PC. You may also notice that the build number while fully up to date will differ from someone who has a Click-to-Run Version of office installed.

Skype for Business

To check the Build number of Skype for Business you will need to select the drop-down menu on the main page of Skype for Business. It is located at the top right section of the interface, next to the Gear Icon. Select File>Help>About Skype for Business.

There is one more distinction that should be checked and this is called the bitness of the installation. Commonly seen as 32-bit or 64-bit. This can be found in the same sections that were mentioned for the Build numbers. In most scenarios, it is recommended to use the 32-bit version of office unless a need arises to use a 64-bit. The 32-bit version is seen as the more stable and therefore common version. While the 64-bit version is seen as an install for power users requiring huge amounts of processing power from Office, or Excel in particular.