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Manage Microsoft Skype4B/Lync – Phone Service

 Summary: This will walk you through setting specific configurations on a user level

Goal: This will allow you to change the plan and license, as well as set a leader pin and change the user limit for conferencing, this also allows you to change policies all at a user level  


1. Select the user to manage their account

2. Click on the hamburger menu.jpg and select Skype For Business

3. The Skype For Business screen is displayed 

4. View and change the plan by selecting new plan from the drop down menu.

5.View and change the DID from the drop down

6. View and change the Leader Pin for Conferencing.

7. View and change the conference user limit (rates apply)

8. View and change the client policy and Voice policy 

7. Click the Save button to update the information

8. Click the Clear button to remove the information if needed.

Example Video:

Manage Services for Skype4B