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CallTower Solutions Center

Items that will not transition from previous S4B provider to CallTower




  • Skype Meetings
    • Once you’ve signed into your Calltower accounts, Skype meetings will need to be updated manually by resending the invitations, or you can use the following tool provided by Microsoft to automatically update your meetings for you.
      • 32 Bit meeting migration tool - click here
      • 64 Bit meeting migration tool - click here
      • Steps to install and run the tool - click here
  • Skype contacts and groups
    • Skype contacts and groups will need to be re-added manually. There is potentially software provided by 3rd party companies that you can seek out and purchase to do this for you, but Calltower does not currently provide options for migrating these.
  • Call forwarding settings
  • Delegates and team call groups
  • Your Skype for Business photo (unless your photo is uploaded to your Office365)
  • Password
  • Voicemail greetings / pin
  • Other custom settings