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Changing the Default Transfer Type on the VVX Phone

Changing the Default Type

The VVX can transfer a call in two ways:

Blind Transfer: Transfers the call without speaking to the receiving party.

Consultative Transfer: Transfers the call after speaking with the receiving party.


The default transfer type can be selected by going to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Default Transfer Type as per the process below: 

  1. Press the "Home" button located to the right of your phone's display.
  2. Locate the option for “Settings


Note: the settings may be found on a second page of your screen

  1. Select the option for “Basic


  1. Select the option for “Preferences


  1. Select  "Default Transfer Type


  1. From here you can select whether you would like to have the default transfer type set to either “Blind” or “Consultative”.


  1. Once you’ve chosen your option, you may either press the 'home" button or use the back arrow located in the top left corner to exit.2017-02-23_8-27-58.jpg
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