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CX600 Exchange Integration Issues

This article will detail the resolution for a CX600 phone showing a yellow triangle that indicates that the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable due to invalid network credentials.

NOTE: For details, press the Menu button and select notifications. The notification states "Integration to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable."

1. If you use O365 for Exchange, have your admin check the Current Health status on Exchange services to ensure that Microsoft is not experiencing an Interruption in service. Please wait until services have been fully restored if impacted.

​2. Make sure your password for Skype for Business services is identical to your Exchange password. To change your password for Skype for Business, you will need to login to the user portal or ask your administrator to change it for you.

3. Sign the user out of the CX600 phone. Tether the phone via USB to a Windows PC with a Skype for Business client loaded on the machine. 

  1. Log into the Skype for Business client on the computer using the login and password for the standalone device
  2. The phone will then ask you to connect the phone via USB (provided in package) to the computer that you are logged into
  3. After attaching the USB cable, a screen will pop-up on your computer asking you to re-enter the password for the client
  4. Verify the username matches the standalone device credentials and then type the password.
  5. The phone will now configure itself to the server for that device credentials.
  6. Upon connection to the server, follow the remaining steps as outlined on the screen on the phone to customize location and time zone settings.
  7. The phone is now provisioned.

After completing the steps above, you may place the provisioned Polycom device in the location that it was predetermined for. It must remained plugged in to an Ethernet port and power source to function (if no PoE). 


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