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OC Rebiller - How to Open a Support Case

Operator Connect Rebiller – How to Open a Support Case 



This article will outline the process of opening a support case with CallTower   


Opening a Support Case 

Before opening a case with CallTower, the OC Rebiller Partner should provide level 1 support as outlined in the article OC Rebiller - Partner Support Requirements - CallTower Solutions Center (


Required Information 

The below information should be provided where applicable when opening a CallTower Support Case 



Issue description: 

Troubleshooting Performed: 

Where does the issue occur: (Teams Desktop, Mobile, Web) 

Current Firmware Version: 

Device Model: (If applicable) 

Teams Cach Cleared: Yes/No 

Number of Users Affected: 

Username of affected user(s) and affected Numbers: 

User(s) current licensing: 

Provide call examples: (If applicable. Use the below Call Example Template) 


Call Example Template

(All Fields are Required) 


Calling Number: 

Called Number: 


Time w/ Time zone: 

Users Device: 

Classic or New Teams: 

Issue Experienced: 



Different Methods to Open a Support Case 

CallTower has multiple methods for opening with our Support team 









M-F 5am to 12am MT 

Sat/Sun 8am to 5pm MT 

Browse to and select the Chat option in the lower right 

Support Portal* 


Login | Support ( 



(800) 347-5444 


*The following article provides detailed information on the CallTower Support Portal: Customer Support Portal - CallTower Solutions Center ( 


Authentication and MPOCs 

To protect our customers, CallTower will only make changes or provide CPNI-protected information to an approved MPOC (Main Point of Contact) on the account. CallTower may also require authentication to ensure the legitimacy of the request. The easiest way to authenticate is to provide the Account's CPNI code when opening a ticket.  

For more on CPNI and where to find it, see the article View and Change Your CPNI Code.  


Case Priority and SLA 

CallTower’s Priority and SLA information can be found in our Client Support Plan