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OC Rebiller - Partner Support Requirements

Operator Connect Rebiller - Partner Support Requirements 

CallTower requires that its Operator Connect Rebiller Partners provide first level support for their customers. 



This article will outline the required support that is to be provided by an Operator Connect Rebiller Partner.  


Required First Level Support 

Operator Connect Rebiller customers will report issues directly to their Rebiller Partner. The Partner will act as the first level of support and open a case with CallTower as additional assistance is needed.  

  • Rebiller Partners must have a firm product knowledge, and be able to answer general functionality and feature questions 

  • Manage all communication with the customer 

  • Provide initial support for installation and configuration needs 

  • Provide detailed information about the issue and the troubleshooting performed.  

  • Work with the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), if not CallTower, on any issues that fall outside of the Operator Connect service. or licensing not provided by CallTower. 


General Level 1 Support Troubleshooting 

  • Verified internet connection with the customer to ensure its stability 

  • Verified that Microsoft Teams and/or the device is using the most up to date firmware version 

  • Verify licensing 

  • Restarted the device 

  • Cleared the Microsoft Teams cache 

  • Tried from another device or network 




CSP Relationship Requirements 

CallTower will need an established GDAP relationship with the customer tenant to provide CSP-level support for those that have their Microsoft licensing through CallTower. Without this relationship, CallTower will not be able to act as a CSP as outlined in [Include OC Rebiller Scope of Support Article].  

The customer tenant will need to allow access to US based IP addresses.  


Opening a Case with CallTower 

If the issue persists after the first level of support has been provided, a ticket should be opened with CallTower following the process as outlined here [Include OC Rebiller Open Case Article]. 


When to Open a Case

Does the issue persist after the first level of support has been provided? A case can be opened with CallTower Support if it meets the below criteria.  

  • Issue is with Operator Connect 

  • Calls dropping or failing (PSTN calls) 

  • Poor call quality (PSTN calls) 

  • Other issues related to Operator Connect 

  • Issue is with another service provided by CallTower  


How to Open a Case

For the process of opening a Case with CallTower Support see the article OC Rebiller - How to Open a Support Case - CallTower Solutions Center (



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