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MS Teams - Joining a Meeting


Provide instruction on how to join a Teams Meeting


There are several ways to join a meeting in Teams:

From your calendar

Click Meetings Meetings button on the left side of the app and you'll see a list of all your meetings for the week. Find the meeting you want, and then click Join.

From chat

If the meeting has already begun, it appears in your recent chat list. Select the meeting in your chat list and then click Join from the chat header.

From a notification

If you're busy in Teams, you'll receive a notification that you've been invited to a meeting, and you can click Join there.

Join a meeting from a pop-up message

From a channel

If a meeting is happening in a channel, you’ll see an invitation to join, relevant content, and who’s in the meeting. If the meeting is scrolled out of view in the conversation, you'll get a notification in the channel. Just click Join to choose your settings and join the meeting.

Join a meeting from a message

From Outlook

You can also join a meeting from a calendar invite in Outlook. If you click the link in your email invite, you'll be directed to Teams and can join your meeting from there.


Both before and during the meeting, you'll see the meeting notice in your chat list or a channel conversation.

You can join from that meeting notice or from the Meetings Meetings button calendar.

For more information, click on the link below:

Joining a meeting in Teams

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