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MS Teams - Obtaining an IP Address for Phone

Obtaining an IP Address for Phone


This guide will help you obtain the IP address for a phone.

Obtaining IP address through Phone GUI

On the device, follow the instructions below: 

Settings > Device Settings > About > IPv4


Obtaining IP address through Teams Admin Center

In the Teams Admin Center, follow the instructions below: 

Teams Admin Center > Teams devices > Phones > Select phone > Details



Obtaining IP address through Command Prompt

You will need to ensure that the phone is plugged into the same network that the user’s PC is plugged into. The user will need to open Command Prompt as an administrator and run the command arp -a. This will show all results for the devices connected to the same network. In this screenshot, I can see that the MAC address for my Yealink MP56 80-5e-c0-da-9b-c9 is associated with the IP



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