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MS Teams Operator Connect - Number Management

Customer Consent

  • Prior to beginning implementation, you must have the Operator Connect consent completed as shown in  If the customer has not yet completed Customer Consent, the onboarding must wait until after 11:00AM Mountain time the next day.

Locations for Operator Connect

  • Before importing into Connect, Emergency Locations must be built in the Teams Admin Center. Once the emergency locations have been built, you can proceed to the next section.  CallTower personnel can provide assistance with any questions, but cannot directly configure any Emergency Calling information for a customer in Teams Admin.  Current Microsoft documentation for Emergency locations is located at

CallTower Connect



  • Use the "Sync Operator Connect" button to import or associate the Locations created in the Teams Admin portal to CallTower Connect.


  • If Connect already has locations configured with the same addresses, it will be mapped to the associated Teams Admin Emergency Location.  Emergency Locations without a corresponding entry in Connect will show up as "New Location"   Once the import is complete, modify the Location properties to provide the correct description for each new location.
  • Click Save to build and link the emergency addresses in the Teams Admin portal to CallTower Connect.  When complete, click on the x to get back to the locations menu.

Managing Telephone numbers

  • Once CallTower has your telephone numbers configured for Operator Connect, they can be uploaded to the tenant by navigating to Locations, expanding a location, and selecting Operator Connect, Upload DIDs.  NOTE:  UPLOADING A TELEPHONE NUMBER TO OFFICE 365 THROUGH THIS PROCESS WILL RESULT IN AN INCREASE IN THE QUANTITY OF YOUR OPERATOR CONNECT - UNLIMITED OR OPERATOR CONNECT - METERED LICENSES.  If you are keeping unused telephone numbers in inventory, do not upload them to Office 365 until you are ready to use them.


  • Add a checkbox next to the numbers that will be assigned to user accounts and select the "User" Usage and click Save.  If there are multiple locations at this address make sure to set the correct sub-location. i.e. "Floor 1","Suite 200", etc.  If there are no sub-locations, use Default.


  • Repeat the previous step with resource account numbers, the numbers that will be assigned to Auto Attendants and CallQueues.  Use the Upload DIDs function and add a checkbox next to the numbers that will be assigned to resource accounts and select "Voice App" usage and default location then click Save.  Once DIDs are uploaded, the customer can add the numbers to their users and resource accounts in the Office 365 Teams Admin portal.

NOTE: If a number needs to be changed from resource to user or user to resource it will need to be released from Connect.  In the location select Operator Connect > Release DID's.


  • To remove DIDs from Operator Connect, Navigate to the Location in CallTower Connect.  Use Operator Connect, Release DIDs, then select the DIDs to release and click on Release DIDs.  NOTE:  IF DIDs ARE RELEASED FROM TEAMS ADMIN CONSOLE AND NOT FROM CALLTOWER CONNECT, THE DID WILL NOT BE RELEASED CORRECTLY IN CONNECT AND BILLING WILL CONTINUE FOR THAT DID.




Teams Admin Portal - Managing Users and Service Accounts (AA and Call Queue)

Once numbers are uploaded to a location in CallTower Connect, you can then use the Teams Admin Center to associate the numbers to both users and resource accounts.

To assign a number to a user the user first needs to have a Phone System license or a license which includes Phone System.  Navigate to to the User tab in the Teams Admin center and select the user  you want to assign and click "edit,"  next to Genearl Information. From the drop down in "Phone number type," select "Operator Connect" and under "Assigned phone number" select the phone number you want to assign and then click apply. 

Operator Connect.png

To assign a number to a resource account the customer will go into the Resource Accounts section, select the resource account that needs the number and search for the number then save.(Note: to search for the number start typing it starting with the country code ie. 1305..... )


The GUI currently only accepts the numbers and not the + symbols.