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MS Teams Operator Connect: Assigning a Number in Teams Admin Center

How to assign a number in the Teams admin center


Important Notes: 

This must  be done with a Teams or Global Admin Account  

The DID must be uploaded to your Tenant as a User 


1. Sign in to Teams Admin Center with admin privileges. 

2. Navigate to Users > Manage Users 

3. Using the search bar on the right-hand side search for the user and click on their name.


4. Once on the user's page you will go to Account (It should load here first) >  General information > Edit 


5. In the pop-out window titled "Assign phone number". You will need to set "Phone number type" to Operator Connect" and in the "Assigned phone number" you can either scroll or search for the desired DID.

A screenshot of a phone number

Description automatically generated

6. Hit "Apply" and when the below message comes up hit wait 

7. When this is complete you should get a green bar at the top saying success.


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