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MS Teams CT Text - Add CT Text To Teams Channels


This article will outline how to attach the CT Text application to a Microsoft Teams channel in order to use  CT Text within groups. Only CT Text group numbers can be attached to a Microsoft Teams channel; these steps will not apply to CT Text personal numbers.

Step 1: Select the Teams channel

Navigate to the Teams channel you would like your CT Text group to be attached to and click on the add tab ‘+’ button at the top of the Teams channel.


Select the CT Text 2.0 application that is displayed in the pop-up window.


Step 2: Sign into CT Text

Click on the ‘Sign in’ button, and sign in using your Microsoft 365 username and password.


Step 3: Select CT Text group

Select the CT Text group that you wish to associate with your Teams channel and click on the ‘Save’ button.

NOTE: A Teams channel can only have one CT Text group assigned to it, and that Text group can not be assigned to any other teams channels.


You will now see the CT Text application as a tab on your Teams channel.

Step 4: Sign into the CT Text 2.0 bot

The CT Text 2.0 bot can notify your Team when a new text is received and send texts by simply typing @CT Text 2.0 as a Teams post. 

To enable the CT Text 2.0 bot, type @CT Text 2.0 as a Teams post and select ‘Sign in’ from the menu that is displayed (or simply type ‘Signin’)


You can type the command ‘Help’ to see the other commands that the CT Text 2.0 bot can apply.


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