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MS Teams CT Text - Add CT Text To Teams Channels

Configuring the Bot for a Teams Channel

  • In the Microsoft Teams client, go to the Teams channel you want to configure with the Bot.  In the Posts tab, type @CT-TextBot and hit Enter.  Select the SMS group to associate with the Teams channel and click the Add button

Configure Bot.png

  • You can now send and receive messages in the Teams channel using the Bot

Using the Bot to Send a Message

  • To send a message using your personal account, go to the Bot conversation under Chat in the Microsoft Teams client.  To send a message from your Teams channel, go to the Posts tab for that channel.
  • You can send messages using the format @CT-TextBot telephonenumber message where telephonenumber is the recipient telephone number in E.164 format, meaning the plus sign, country code, and full telephone number.  For US numbers, that means +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX (without the dashes.)  Message is the message you are sending to the recipient. 

Send Bot.png


Using the Bot to Reply to a Message

  • To reply to an inbound message using the Bot, simply click on the Reply button and follow the prompts.