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MS Teams Admin - Validating Customer Licensing

MS Supprt Internal - Validating Customer Licensing


This document will show you how to navigate to customer licensing in both CallTower Connect and the Microsoft Partner Portal. It will also explain the different columns and values on each.

Validating Customer Licensing

CallTower Connect

Accessing customer licensing can be performed by any MPOC, or by any CallTower representative

1. Navigate to Connect ( 

2. Click on the services menu on the left side of the screen

3. Click on "Administration"

4. Click on "Corporate Administration"

5. Click on "Office 365 Licenses"

6. The customer's subscriptions will be presented on the screen.

Explanation of each field: 

Display Name: The SKU name

Total: Total licenses available to the customer

Used: Total licenses used or consumed by the customer

Available: Total licenses NOT used or consumed by the customer

CT Licenses: Licenses that CallTower is providing the customer. CallTower will support services provided by these subscriptions

Ext Licenses: Licenses NOT provided by CallTower or are provided by a third party. CallTower is not responsible for supporting services provided by these subscriptions.


Microsoft Partner Center

Accessing customer licensing will be performed through your CSP credentials (

1. Navigate to Partner Center ( 

2. Click on "Customers".

3. Search for the customer you wish to validate licensing for.

4. The customer's subscriptions will be presented on screen.

Explanation of each field: 

Name: The SKU Name

Subscription ID: The unique subscription identifier

Quantity: Number of currently active licenses

Status: Indicates whether the subscription is set to renew or expire, and the date

Billing frequency: How frequently Microsoft will bill CallTower

Term duration: How long the customer is committed to the subscription

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