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MS Teams Admin - Configure 911 Emergency Routing Policies - Notifications

Configure 911 Emergency Routing Policies - Notifications 

Important note: Notifications apply to both Direct Routing and Operator Connect

  1. Configure the Global Calling Policy 


  1. Configure the Notification mode to desired function: 


  1. Apply Changes 


Configure 911 Emergency Routing Policies – Routing 

Important note: Routing polcies apply only to Direct Routing.

  1. Configure the Global Routing Policy 


  1. Enter your “933” translations and ”911” translations and set the PSTN usage to “Calltower PSTN”. 

    • 1933 Dial string with 933;1933 Dial Mask

    • 1911 Dial string with 911;1911 Dial Mask


  1. Click on Save 


Note: “E911” and location configuration is covered in a separate document.