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MS Teams Admin - Editing Audio Files

When attempting to add an audio file to Auto Attendants or Call Queues within the Teams Admin Center, Teams may give an error & make the upload unsuccessful. (See error below)

If you receive this error, feel free to download Audacity with the following link: & follow the steps below to get this corrected. 


1. Open the audio file that needs to be converted. 

2. There will be some audio files that have 2 audio streams.
***NOTE*** If you open this audio file & see only 1 audio stream, please proceed to step 5. 

3. Once the file is open, click on the audio options to split the 2 audio streams "Split Stereo to Mono". 

4. Once these audio files are split, delete the bottom audio stream. 

5. With the 1 audio stream now available, we need to adjust 2 options for the audio file. 

a. Project Rate (Hz): 16000Hz

b. Format: 16-bit PCM

6. After the Project Rate & Format have been adjusted, you can now save as a WAV file & add this to your Teams AA or CQ

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