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Change User Properities-Directory Services

Change User Properties Steps:



1. Highlight the user that is to have their properties modified

2. Click on the down arrow on Directory Services and select Properties.

3. The user properties screen will be presented on the right side of the screen with the list of users on the left. 

4. Update the information by typing in the text boxes or selecting other items from the drop down menu.  The type of data to change is:

a. General user information

b. Phone

c. Address

d. Fax Forwarding (if enabled)

e. Voice Mail Forwarding (if enabled) - Select the user or contact in the drop down to receive the forwarded email.  It is also an option to have the email delivered to both email boxes by checking the “Deliver To both Mailboxes” checkbox. 

5. Once the changes are complete click the Save button to keep the changes or the X to close the screen and abandon the changes.

6. Click the Clear button to clear the screen of information.

7. To modify another users properties select another user on the left and their properties information will be displayed on the right.