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Operator Assisted - Scheduling For IAPP

The reservation will come from IAPP in the following format.

I’d like to make reservations for our next IAPP web conference. 

Here are the details:


Broadcast Date: 

Seminar Room Reservation Time:

Live Broadcast Start Time: 



Additional Speakers: 

Anticipated number of attendees:

Virtual meeting room link: 

Live program or Recording only?:

Request recording?: 

Streaming audio?:

Audio conference service?:

Requesting technical support on the call?:


Once the request has been received the first thing to complete is the Seminar room scheduling which can be completed by logging into the IAPP Adobe Connect site.

Username: privacy        

Password: IAPPVirtualPlatform2019!


Once successfully logged in click on the Seminars Tab>User Seminars>DAVE@PRIVACYPROFESSIONALS.ORG # 1388975846 (folder)>New Seminar Room

Once on the setup page enter the name of the new Seminar Room and fill out the required fields

- Name (title)

- Template (always IAPP Default template)

- Access (always "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can join the room)

- Audio Conference Settings (always "Include this audio conference with this meeting- 4 Recording")


Once all of the required fields are completed click "Finish". After the Seminar Room has been successfully created it is time to schedule the new Seminar Session. To do this click on Schedule Session at the bottom of this page. The title will be the same as the Seminar room name. Enter the Start time and duration and click Complete. You should now see the newly scheduled session under the Seminars tab.

The reservation request from IAPP should be sent to CIA ( with IAPP in the subject line. The seminar link that was created should be included in the “Virtual meeting room link” field.

Once the confirmation is received back from CIA, the confirmation and seminar link should be provided to the IAPP requester.

The conference entry code should be put in the resolution field and the ticket can then be closed.

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