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Operator Assisted - Scheduling


The below link can be provided to customers in order to submit a request form for an Operator Assisted call. There are several customers who are aware of the required information and will send directly to support for processing. If you are not familiar with the company or do not see all of the required information included you can direct them to this link. 

***If the client does not have the client ID (PGI) or owner number (Intercall) you can request a copy of a previous confirmation. CIA does not use a reference number. For CIA requests you will just need to ensure the company name and requester name is provided.

Once the Operator Assisted request form has been submitted the request form will automatically be sent to The Operator Assisted carrier will need to be confirmed. Below are the Operator Assisted provider contacts for submitting the request.

**The phone is the best way to schedule for PGI and Intercall, but if there is a time restraint email can be used. CIA reservations are best handled by email.


Operator Assisted Reservations: 1-719-457-1692 Option 2
Operator Assisted Reservations Email:


Operator Assisted Reservations: 1-800-374-2441 Option 3, 1, 1 (new reservation), 2 (existing reservation)
Operator Assisted Reservations Email:


Operator Assisted Reservations: 888-577-6385

Operator Assisted Reservations Email:


Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.