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Cisco - Connect: Add a New User


This article will cover how to build a new Cisco User via CallTower Connect

Add a New User Steps: 

New users can be added through the Users tab.

1. Click on the plus button from the Users tab.


2. Enter the information in the following sections:

1. User Information:

a. User Domain drop-down

b. Location drop-down

c. First Name

d. Last Name

e. User Name and Display Name fields – these fields are populated with default values that can be changed.

f. User Type drop-down-Select CallTower User

g. User Role-Select User

h. Cell Phone-this is not required

Then select the blue arrow  2018-05-17_16-14-47.jpg

3. Password: Enter the password using the guidelines listed, then select the blue arrow icon 2018-05-17_16-14-47.jpgto continue.

4. User Services: Select all the services that apply to the user.  When selecting a voice service you will be required to choose a number from the drop-down box. Note: The Numbers listed here are only available numbers.  

5. Save by selecting the save.jpg icon. 

6. Review the events to determine if the user was provisioned without error. 

Description of Services??: 


Training video:

Adding a new user (copy)