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What is Webex Go?


Webex Go extends Webex Calling to the built-in dialer of an end user’s phone, by leveraging eSIM technology. Once Webex Go eSIM has been activated successfully, end users will have a Webex branded mobile network, dedicated for business calling on their device.


Webex Go brings together the power of Webex collaboration and enterprice calling with the familiar, intuitive user experience of any mobile device. Users can make and answer business calls and take advantage of the calling features without the use of the Webex App. 




  • Convenience of using mobile phone built-in dialer for business calls

  • Flexibility of making and answering business calls from anywhere

  • Privacy of personal identity by using business phone number on mobile built-in dialer

  • High call quality with the use of cellular voice network

  • Availability of enterprise-grade calling features such as extension dialing, business voicemail, call recording and more

  • Single business number across Webex devices, Webex App, Webex Go, and unified view of user presence across these endpoints

  • Use Webex App to elevate an in-progress Webex Go call to meeting and more.


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