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Cisco Webex Admin - Edit After Hours Menu Options For AA

Assign different functions to each keypad number to direct your customers where to go when they enter a specific number on their phone. The menu that you set for after hours also applies to the holiday schedule.


From the customer view in, go to Services, and choose Calling > Features.


Click Auto Attendant and then select the auto attendant to edit from the list.


In the side panel, under After Hours Auto Attendant click Menu.


Check the Enable extension dialing without requiring a menu item check box to allow callers to directly dial an extension at any time.


Select the function that you want to assign to each number or function key on the dialpad.

For each assigned function, enter additional information or search and add user or workspace or virtual line number and extensions to transfer calls.

  1. Select the Play announcement function from the drop-down. This functionality allows you to select/upload/record an announcement at the location or at the organization level and play the same.

  2. Click Select file, to select an existing recording. The Select a file displays a list of recordings that is available for the location. Choose from the list of recordings. Click Select file.

  3. You can upload or record an announcement. See Manage Announcement Repository for details.


Click Save.


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