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Cisco Connect User - Reservationless Conferencing

If Reservationless Conferencing is enabled, it is intended for organizations who are using the Intercall conferencing feature and for users who have an assigned conference room. The properties described below are for use in Intercall conferences. 

Here are the details of those properties:

Dial-in number: Toll-free number used to dial into the conference.

International dial-in number (if needed): For International participants only.

Conference code: Users will be prompted for the conference code upon dialing into the conference bridge.

Leader pin: Only you should know and will use when initiating the conference. You may edit this field, allowing you to change the pin to something more easily remembered.

If your user is set up to use the Reservationless Conferencing feature the card will be filled in with the Dial-In Number, International Number, and Conference Code you will need to enter the Leader Pin.

Manage Leader PIN for Reservationless Conferencing Steps:

1. To enter the Leader Pin number click in the box next to the Leader Pin description.

2. Enter your leader pin number.

3. Click the Save button to keep your changes or Clear to remove your changes.