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Cisco Connect Admin - Direct To Voicemail Configuration

Conditions necessary for using ‘Ring to Voicemail’ feature 

A. No phone assigned to user

B. User’s DN is not configured as a shared line on any other phones.

When you select this option, the translation pattern for the user is changed
Ring to Voicemail is not selected:
\+16055552234   2234:  Rings to phone
Ring to Voicemail is selected
\+16055552234  #2234  Rings to voicemail:  same as dialing #xxxx to call directly to a user's voicemail

Configure Ring to Voicemail

A. User Services

  1. Call Manager
  2. Voicecube
  3. Ctvmail or Email

B. Configure ‘Ring to Voicemail’

  1. ​Connect  -- > OU à Highlight user:  Voicemail Service à Voicemail Properties
  2. Check ‘Ring to Voicemaill
  3. Save
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