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Cisco Connect Admin - Direct To Voicemail Configuration

This article will walk users through the process of using the Admin Portal to configure Direct to Voicemail services.

Conditions necessary for using ‘Ring to Voicemail’ feature 

A. No phone assigned to user

B. User’s DN is not configured as a shared line on any other phones.

When you select this option, the translation pattern for the user is changed
Ring to Voicemail is not selected:
\+16055552234   2234:  Rings to phone
Ring to Voicemail is selected
\+16055552234  #2234  Rings to voicemail:  same as dialing #xxxx to call directly to a user's voicemail

Configure Ring to Voicemail

A. User Services

  1. Call Manager
  2. Voicecube
  3. Ctvmail or Email

B. Configure ‘Ring to Voicemail’

  1. ​Connect  -- > OU à Highlight user:  Voicemail Service à Voicemail Properties
  2. Check ‘Ring to Voicemaill
  3. Save
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