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Cisco Connect Admin - Add User


This article will cover how to build a new Cisco User via CallTower Connect

Add a New User Steps: 

New users can be added through the Users tab.

1. Click on the plus button from the Users tab.


2. Enter the information in the following sections:

1. User Information:

a. User Domain drop-down

b. Location drop-down

c. First Name

d. Last Name

e. User Name and Display Name fields – these fields are populated with default values that can be changed.

f. User Type drop-down-Select CallTower User

g. User Role-Select User

h. Cell Phone-this is not required

Then select the blue arrow  2018-05-17_16-14-47.jpg

3. Password: Enter the password using the guidelines listed, then select the blue arrow icon 2018-05-17_16-14-47.jpgto continue.

4. User Services: Select all the services that apply to the user.  When selecting a voice service you will be required to choose a number from the drop-down box. Note: The Numbers listed here are only available numbers.  

5. Save by selecting the icon. 

6. Review the events to determine if the user was provisioned without error. 

Training video:

Adding a new user (copy)