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CT Cloud Voice Admin - Short Codes

Short Codes

Short Codes function as a company wide speed dial, allowing users to dial 1 to 7 digits to reach a pre-programmed external number or extension . Please remember the following requirements:

• A Short Code must not match any other Short Code, Call Park Orbit Code, star replacement code, or Intercom Code defined for this Business Group, or any star replacement code, external line code or internal line code defined for a PBX within the Business Group.

• The code or its initial digits must not match any Call Services access code. For example, do not configure a short code of *3 or *345 if you use *345 for an accesscode.

Configure Short Codes

  1. Log into CallTower Connect Admin: 
  2. From the Menu, select CT Cloud, then Short Codes
    • Note: If you want the short code to be associated with a department, make sure the department is configured first. See CT Cloud Departments article. 
  3. Select the "+" and fill out the CT Cloud Short Code wizard
    • Short Code: name you would like to give the short code, for example: 6000
    • Type: select type from the drop down
      • External number: 10-digit number 
      • Other dialing plan codes: extension of person
    • Number: enter the number for the short code. for example: 
      • Other dialing plan codes: 6000
      • External Number: 555-555-5555
    • Department: select the department from the drop down list
    • Name: Add a name to include an entry in the business directory.
  4. Click save

To delete a short code

To delete the short code:

  1. Highlight the short code 
  2. Select the trash can icon.


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