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CT Cloud Voice Admin - Departments


Departments are logical groupings that can be used for things like customer locations or business units (Sales, Support, Shipping, etc.) Each department can have its own Operator number, meaning that callers in a user’s voicemail box can be directed to the operator number specified by the user’s department rather than the Business Group default. Although the feature is rarely used, Departments can also be configured to enforce call limits on the users within that specific department.

Adding a Department: 

  1. Log into CallTower Connect Admin: 
  2. Click on "Menu," click on "CT Cloud," and then "CT Cloud Departments"
  3. Click on "+New" button
  4. Fill out the new department wizard: 
    • Parent department: 
    • Department name: name you would like to give his new department 
    • Operator number: a number that is associated with this department. This could be left blank if you don't want a number associated with the department
    • Concurrent call limit: the default is 100
  5. Click "Save"

Delete a Department 

Click on the "trash can" icon to the left of the department name. 

NOTE: when adding or deleting a department, make sure to pay attention to the "Events" panel and ensure success. 



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