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OnDemand - Enhanced Authentication


SC Legacy


Enhanced Authentication is an On-Demand Audio Conferencing feature that protects your meetings from fraudulent callers dialing in from specific international locations.  Enhanced Authentication must be enabled for those hosts/guest who wish to join a meeting from the following locations:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan

The following security features will be required when using the Authentication feature:

  • 10-digit random passcode: System-generated, random 10-digit passcodes for both host and guests will make it more difficult for fraudulent users to access and compromise a meeting.
  • Music on hold until host joins (MOH): To increase security and ensure meetings are not occurring without the presence of the host, the meeting is not opened until the host joins. This feature will prevent guests from starting a meeting without the host. It will also prevent fraudulent users from using a passcode, even if the guest passcode has been compromised. 
  • Meeting Report: A meeting summary email is sent after every meeting. This email to the account owner will allow the client to see the details of the meeting, in addition to alerting them if their passcode was used without their knowledge. Correct customer email addresses are critical to ensure delivery to the correct account owner. 


If not enabled and customer is requesting to be enabled, it can be enabled within the PGi admin hub.

Search for the client in hub

Click to edit their account

Go to view audio accounts

Click to edit audio account

Click on EA

Hit Save

***Important to note that this will change their existing moderator and participant passcode***1.png

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