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Zoom Calling Yealink - T46U-Basic Calling

Basic Call Features

Placing a Call

Using the handset.

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. Enter the number and press the "Send" soft key.

Using the speaker phone.

  1. With the handset on-hook, press the clipboard_ec3cc76fd9d3dcc66baaa26a2eb802978.png
  2. Enter the number, and press the "Send' soft key

NOTE: During a call, you can alternate between the headset, hands-free speakerphone, and handset modes by pressing the "Headset" key, the "Speakerphone" key, or by picking up the handset. Headset mode requires a connected headset. 

Answering a Call

Using the handset.

  1. Pick up the handset

Using the speaker phone.

  1. Press clipboard_ec3cc76fd9d3dcc66baaa26a2eb802978.png

Using the headset

  1.  Press clipboard_e984da3920fb9cdfe882fa533f9333722.png

NOTE: you can reject an incoming call by pressing the Reject soft key. This will send the call to your Voicemail.

Ending a Call

Using the handset

  1. Hand up the handset or press the "End Call" soft key

Using the speakerphone

  1. Press the clipboard_ec3cc76fd9d3dcc66baaa26a2eb802978.png or the "End Call" soft key


  1. Press clipboard_e0f3b00d8f24fa7cbbf652e6ee2f54938.png to enter the "Placed Calls" list, press clipboard_e9b221d1538c6d446ce489b4c362f59c8.png to select the desired entry, then press clipboard_e0f3b00d8f24fa7cbbf652e6ee2f54938.png  or the "Send" soft key
  2. Press clipboard_e0f3b00d8f24fa7cbbf652e6ee2f54938.png twice went he phone is idle to dial out the last dialed number

Mute Call or Hold/Resume

Mute and unmute Call

  1. Press clipboard_eb3c7dc4d6d503a35914d9ae35b24ddeb.png to mute the microphone during a call. The other person will not hear a sound
  2. Press clipboard_e37d49acb8d4b1112701440bcb9afc5a6.pngagain to un-mute the call

Call Hold and Resume

  1. Press the clipboard_e4359cd7b7c42349a43fdeb77a1113f12.png or the "Hold" soft key during an active call. The other person will hear hold music

To resume

  1. If there is only one call on hold, press clipboard_e4090e5879a396fe9042908e7a0b57082.png or the "Resume" soft key
  2. If there is more than one call on hold, press clipboard_e9b221d1538c6d446ce489b4c362f59c8.png to select the desired call and then press clipboard_e4090e5879a396fe9042908e7a0b57082.png

For the full guide click the link below:

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